Memoir Bargain: Traig’s “Devil in the Details” for Cheap on Amazon

April 4, 2010

Photo: Amazon

A few posts ago, I wrote about Jennifer Traig’s memoir, “Devil in the Details,” that I bought at the Strand for $11.50.

As a gift to myself because—as my mom made sure to point out earlier this week—the Easter bunny doesn’t come to college kids, I’ve been skipping my law readings this past week to read Traig’s memoir. Not quite an even swap, but I’ve convinced myself that since it’s a memoir I can consider it research for my blog.

I’m about halfway through “Devil in the Details” and I can’t put it down. Traig’s scrupulosity, a psychological condition often known as a religious form of obsessive compulsive disorder, has the potential to be an upsetting and even off-putting topic (for those unaware of Jewish traditions); however, Traig’s ability to reflect on her own ridiculous actions with candid humor and sarcasm makes the book an entertaining read in addition to an accurate look at a life-consuming disorder.

If you’re interested in reading “Devil in the Details” (which I hope you are), I suggest taking advantage of Amazon’s current low price of $3.25.


3 Responses to “Memoir Bargain: Traig’s “Devil in the Details” for Cheap on Amazon”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I read that book a couple years ago. It was sooooo good! It is a book I’d recommend to anyone with OCD, especially those with scrupulosity. It’s also just a really good read.

    • April Says:

      I totally agree, Lisa! Thanks for the comment. Do you have any other memoirs you really like?

      • Lisa Says:

        I really liked Wasted too. It was very compelling and I could empathize even though I don’t have an eating disorder.

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